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Heartland Cannabis Business Update – June 14, 2019

Erika Gee
Erika Gee


Little Rock

Trying to keep up with the latest cannabis business news? Feeling overwhelmed? We've swept through the weeds to uncover the good stuff. Here's our roundup of the week's stories impacting Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas that we think are worth your time.

Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis Business Roundup

Colorado Reaches $1B in Cannabis-Derived Revenues - Ganjapreneur

There are currently 2,917 licensed cannabis businesses in the state along with 41,076 individuals licensed to work in the industry.

Kroger to sell CBD products in nearly 1,000 stores - CNBC

Kroger will sell the CBD products in Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming, the company spokeswoman said.

Why Mood-Based Cannabis Products Are About to Blowup - Green Entrepreneur

Cannabis can be consumed to achieve any mood. Businesses are taking note to shape the cannabis products of the future.

Congress Will Consider Lots Of Marijuana Amendments Next Week - Marijuana Moment

The House Rules Committee published the submitted measures on Thursday. They cover everything from preventing the Justice Department from interfering in state legal marijuana programs to funding the creation of a regulatory pathway for CBD to be introduced into the food supply to shifting Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) funds to substance abuse prevention and education programs.

It's complicated: advertising cannabis - Talk Business & Politics

Cannabis advertisers have more to worry about than most brands. They need to consider FCC guidelines, federal and state regulations, and advertising company restrictions, too. Many media companies, like Facebook and Google, have banned cannabis advertising altogether.

Growers hope standards bring order to hemp industry 'mess' - Associated Press

A global hemp research lab announced Thursday in Oregon, coupled with a nascent national review board for hemp varieties and a handful of seed certification programs nationwide, are the first stabs at addressing those concerns — and at creating accountability by standardizing U.S. hemp for a global market.

Nevada becomes 1st state to ban most pre-employment pot tests - ABC News

The law, however, will not apply to people up for jobs as firefighters and public safety positions, including emergency medical technicians, according to the legislation.

US House committee approves spending bill with cannabis banking protections - Marijuana Business Daily

The marijuana banking provision, if it remains intact, would be in effect only for the next fiscal year but would apply to banks that serve state-legal medical and recreational marijuana businesses.

Mississippi medical marijuana initiative closes in on enough signatures for 2020 ballot - Mississippi Today

According to internal polling done by the state Department of Health, between 72 percent and 86 percent of Mississippians across all demographics support medical legalization. The level of support the measure has received from conservatives has surprised many.

Oklahoma News

Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry faces familiar buzzkill - Non Doc

Oklahoma's green rush solved problems for those who want to use medical marijuana to treat their ailments, but its success has created plenty of headaches for intrepid business owners looking to carve a niche in the industry.

Cannabis patient whose seeds were seized by Oklahoma trooper on 'LivePD' may get them back, official says - Tulsa World

Dispensaries have packaging requirements, but nothing in state law requires patients to transport marijuana or marijuana products in specific packaging.

Missouri News

What's Ahead For Missouri As Medical Marijuana Applications Open Up For Patients, Providers - St. Louis Public Radio

On Tuesday's St. Louis on the Air, St. Louis Public Radio's Jonathan Ahl discussed what the legalization of medical marijuana means for Missouri and the process of how physicians prescribe it as dispensaries start opening up.

Jefferson City considers regulations for medical marijuana dispensaries - KOMU

The city decided to follow the default recommendations of the state Department of Health and Senior Services. It requires medical marijuana cultivation, testing and manufacturing facilities to be located more than 1,000 feet of then-existing elementary and secondary schools, child care centers or churches.

Marne Madison of North City hopes to open a dispensary - The St. Louis American

"We plan to be a hub for low-income veterans and qualifying patients in relevance to the industry and the community. Our overall role is to be the representation and advocate in the cannabis Industry for the community we have grown in."

Local Family Plans Medical Marijuana Business in Ava - Douglas County Herald

Mom Katrina, sons Alex and Matthew, and daughter VaNessa (Overcast) Loftis, together with still-evolving group of investors, partners, and employees are starting Show-Me Natural Gardens, which "aims to be one of the first vertically integrated, patient-focused, and family-owned medical cannabis businesses in Southern Missouri."

Arkansas News

169 pounds of medical marijuana sold in Arkansas' first month of sales - Fox16

Since opening in May, Doctor's Orders and Green Springs Medical dispensaries have sold a combined amount of 169.29 pounds of medical marijuana through 15,638 transactions.

Hot Springs company pioneering local hemp, CBD oil market in Arkansas - THV11

So far, Arkansas has licensed 101 farmers in 42 counties to grow hemp on about 32-hundred acres. The state modeling its program after one in Kentucky, where 1,000 farmers are growing hemp.

Medical Marijuana Forces Law Enforcement Changes - Delta Digital News Service

"Normally you can search (a vehicle) if you smell marijuana," Seats said. "If someone is pulled over and the officer smells marijuana inside the vehicle, his first question will be, 'Do you have a medical marijuana card?' If they say yes, can you search? How is that going to impact probable cause?"

City of Springdale includes medical marijuana in drug-free workplace policy - 40/29 News

Employees that hold "Safety-Sensitive" positions are required to notify HR if they own a medical marijuana card, and could be moved into a safer position.

Bonus Section

U.S. Cannabis Spot Index — June 14, 2019 - Cannabis Benchmarks

U.S. Cannabis Spot Index up 0.4% to $1,256 per pound.

Oldest evidence of marijuana use discovered in 2500-year-old cemetery in peaks of western China - Science

Cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated plants in East Asia, grown for grain and fiber as well as for recreational, medical, and ritual purposes.

Marijuana store density surpasses Starbucks & McDonald’s in many mature cannabis markets - Marijuana Business Daily

The recently released Marijuana Business Factbook estimates that in Denver and Portland, Oregon, for example, marijuana retailers outnumber Starbucks by close to double, while in Anchorage, Alaska – a newer market – the two are tied for density.

Thanks for taking time to read the Heartland Cannabis Business Update. See you next week!