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Heartland Cannabis Business Update – October 25, 2019

Erika Gee
Erika Gee


Little Rock

Hemp in Arkansas: Grow Your Know 3-6 p.m., January 23
Wright Lindsey Jennings, Little Rock


Leading off, here's some news just for you: I've been asked to host a panel at next week's Woman Run event in Little Rock. "Women in the Green Rush!" will feature some amazing businesses and product lines and the women leading them. It will be inspiring and fun and you should come. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming. As your medical marijuana lawyers for the Heartland, we've read all of the week's cannabis business news for Arkansas, Oklahoma and Missouri & selected the stories worth reading.

Arkansas Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis Business Roundup

Business News

Gallup: American Support for Legalization Remains at Two-Thirds - Ganjapreneur

Gallup polling data suggests that 66 percent of American voters continue to support the nationwide legalization of cannabis; when Gallup first asked the question in 1969, just 12 percent of voters supported such reforms.

Americans Are Googling CBD More Than Acupuncture, Meditation And Exercise, Study Finds - Marijuana Moment

The spike in interest in CBD seems to coincide with an increase in usage of the compound, as Gallup released a survey in August that showed one-in-seven Americans consume cannabidiol products.

What Can The End Of Alcohol Prohibition Teach Cannabis Entrepreneurs? - Green Entrepreneur

Research, regulations and consumer sentiments move more quickly today than they did in the 1930s. But cannabis entrepreneurs can learn a lot from their predecessors.

Price Sensitivity Expected to Increase Among Cannabis Consumers - Green Market Report

A new report from the cannabis data company Headset has suggested that cannabis consumers are going to become more sensitive to the prices of products in dispensaries. Much has been made of the cannabis luxury brands, but it seems customers are gravitating towards cheaper products.

Health News

Tainted vape pens selling 2-for-1 in illegal California stores - Leafly

Some oils had pesticide levels more than 5,000 times the legal limit. Others contained nearly 35 percent tocopheryl-acetate, the vitamin E oil additive that, when heated and inhaled, prevents lungs from absorbing oxygen. Tocopheryl-acetate is one of the leading suspects in the national VAPI crisis.

Here's What Researchers Know So Far About How Marijuana Legalization Affects Public Health - Marijuana Moment

"Research on [recreational cannabis laws] is just emerging, but findings suggest little impact on the prevalence of adolescent cannabis use, potential increases in college student use, and unknown effects on other substance use."

Tilray jumps on U.S. study of cannabis in breast cancer patients - BNN Bloomberg

The study will focus on patients suffering from taxane-induced peripheral neuropathy, or TIPN, secondary to treatment with paclitaxel or docetaxel. TIPN affects more than 67 per cent of women undergoing breast cancer treatment, the company said.

National News

Industry to USDA: Where are the federal hemp regulations? - Hemp Business Daily

Meanwhile, in the absence of federal guidance for hemp production from the USDA as well as the use of CBD in food, beverages and dietary supplements from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), states are moving forward with their own preparations for the 2020 season.

U.S. District Court Dismisses TCPA Lawsuit Against Eaze, Upholding the Ability of Legal Cannabis Industry to Enter Binding Contracts - Cannabis Business Times

"The court correctly found that cannabis companies are not barred from forming and enforcing basic contracts, and that Eaze's business is legal under California state law."

Antitrust cloud lifting on cannabis M&A deals, but will some be renegotiated – or even abandoned? - Marijuana Business Daily

Despite the receding antitrust scrutiny, cannabis stocks remain under pressure amid the vaping crisis and a dwindling pool of outside capital, among other factors.

FDA, FTC Warn Company Marketing Unapproved Cannabidiol Products With Unsubstantiated Claims - MJ Headline News

As described in the warning letter issued to Rooted Apothecary, the company used product webpages, through its online store and social media websites, to make unfounded claims about its CBD products, and some of the products were also unlawfully marketed as dietary supplements. The agency has determined that CBD products cannot be marketed as dietary supplements.

CBD State Laws: Hemp Cannabidiol Legal Regulations in the United States - Health MJ

A complete guide analyzing CBD State Laws for all 50 United States rules and regulations on hemp-derived cannabidiol and the legal status per individual state.

Arkansas Cannabis Business

Medical marijuana regulators may revoke licenses of those who fail to open after one year - Talk Business & Politics

At the monthly meeting of the state Medical Marijuana Commission (MMC), ABC Director Doralee Chandler told the five-person regulatory panel there is growing concern medical marijuana growers and retailers are not moving expeditiously enough to provide cannabis to the nearly 26,000 Arkansans with a malady that qualifies for treatment.

Marijuana commission approves use of patient, dispensary data in statewide health care database - Arkansas Times

The ability of ACHI [Arkansas Center for Health Improvement] to conduct such a study is allowed by Act 948, which passed in the Arkansas Senate in 2017 and amends the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Act of 2016. Act 948 requires the reporting of patient and dispensary data to the state Insurance Department so that it can be added to the Arkansas all-payer claims database, which collects large-scale health care data from private and public sources.

SAFE Banking and Cannabis - Arkansas Business

The biggest impact of SAFE Banking indeed could ultimately be in breaking down the last remaining barriers between the cannabis industry and Wall Street. Incumbent operators could see a tremendous benefit if they're able to access the traditional capital markets here in the United States, but does SAFE Banking go far enough to get the major investment banks into the game?

UAMS Measures Effects of Medical Marijuana on Arkansas - KUAF

Researchers at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences are documenting public beliefs and perceptions of marijuana as a medical treatment through a series of anonymous surveys, the first longitudinal study of its kind in the U.S.

Oklahoma Cannabis Business

Escalating quickly - Oklahoma Gazette

OMMA anticipated 80,000 licensed patients in the first year of operation. Now, before the one-year anniversary of patients being able to legally purchase cannabis products containing THC, it has licensed two and a half times that number.

City restricts marijuana dispensaries - The Edmond Sun

The city council recently adopted a medical marijuana ordinance covering the issuance of permits for dispensaries, growth facilities, and processors, Murdock said. The 1,000 feet of separation between dispensaries was added to the ordinance this week.

State has no labs licensed to test medical cannabis, despite law requiring proof of testing - Tulsa World

"It kind of puts you in a little bit of a situation — is the testing legal or not if you haven't been licensed by OMMA yet?" Felling [Kyle Felling, who owns F.A.S.T. Laboratories] said of the situation, adding that testing regulations vary widely among states with legal cannabis marketplaces. But despite the legal ambiguities, Felling said he has been able to adapt to what he called a "heavy workload" of samples to test.

OMMA working to re-establish call center - KFOR

The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority is working to re-establish a call center after previously closing the center due to the high volume of incoming applications earlier this year.

Oklahoma Court Holds That Positive Marijuana Drug Test Did Not Prove That Marijuana Caused Accident - The National Law Review

The court rejected the WCC's [Workers' Compensation Commission] "inference that the mere presence of marijuana in Claimant's blood stream inevitably means he was intoxicated. . . . the presence of an intoxicating substance in the blood does not automatically mean that person is intoxicated."

Missouri Cannabis Business

Thousands of Missourians can now use marijuana as medicine. They just can't get it legally — yet. - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In other states, officials have granted growers an interim period long enough to cultivate the first marijuana harvest, after which they more strictly require businesses to keep track of marijuana from seed to sale. Missouri regulators are expected to do the same here — for patients, as well, said Jared Moffat with the Washington-based Marijuana Policy Project.

Rolla City Council amends marijuana possession law - The Rolla Daily News

Rolla's City Council passed an amendment to the city's existing marijuana possession law after learning the law carried a more stringent penalty than Missouri's criminal code.

Is Kansas finally ready to legalize medical marijuana? It's about time - Kansas City Star

A special legislative committee heard testimony Wednesday about the issue. More than two dozen groups and individuals provided oral or written support for medical marijuana in Kansas. Supporters include patients, nurses, professors and activist groups. Some told the committee they use marijuana to relieve chronic pain and disease.

Medford man admits to racketeering in Missouri - Mail Tribune

Telford admitted that on April 6, 2018, he flew from Medford to Hartford, Connecticut, rented a pickup truck and drove to Missouri to collect cash proceeds from at least a metric ton of marijuana that was distributed across the country.

Bonus Section

Edibles, Medical, Concentrates, Oh My! The Best Brands In Each Weed Category - MJ Headline News

Most smokers remember a day when they were happy to get whatever strain of weed they could find — but now that marijuana is decriminalized across much of the U.S. and legalized medically and/or recreationally in more than half of all states, stoners can afford to be a bit more discriminating. These days, cannabis lovers can enjoy a large and diverse selection of brands and products, from traditional flower to vape products, concentrates, capsules, edibles and more.

New data reveals top medical conditions for which cannabis is reimbursed in Germany - Marijuana Business Daily

Of the 6,538 patients, almost 71% were prescribed medical cannabis to treat pain. This was followed by spasticity with almost 11%.

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