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Heartland Cannabis Business Update – September 13, 2019

Erika Gee
Erika Gee


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What a week! We've got the latest news on Oklahoma's new state laws, Missouri's business license application revelations and Arkansas' medical marijuana sales numbers. We've read all of the week's cannabis business news for Arkansas, Missouri & Oklahoma and selected the stories we think are worth your time.

Medical Marijuana and Recreational Cannabis Business Roundup

Chart: Sales fall for adult-use cannabis vape products on heels of health scare - Marijuana Business Daily

Vape's share of the market in California stood at 32.8% the week of 8/19, falling to 28.9% by the week of 9/9. That's equivalent to a 12% drop in market share. Put another way, approximately one out of every eight dollars spent on vapes has shifted to other products such as flower and pre-rolls.

How Much is the Price of an Eighth Where You Live? - Weedmaps

Emerging markets are beginning to show some price volatility. Oklahoma City topped the charts a month ago with the highest average prices in North America for an eighth — then at $53.19, but down to $43.03 for August.

Facebook and Other Marketing Platforms Continue to Stifle Cannabis Ads - High Times

Until federal regulations change in the U.S., THC and CBD cannabis brands seem destined to remain barred from using traditional marketing methods.

Health News

US officials revise vaping illness count to 380 in 36 states - Chicago Tribune

Health officials on Thursday said 380 confirmed cases and probable cases have been reported in 36 states and one U.S. territory. That marks a decrease from the 450 cited last week, when officials were also including "possible" cases.

Amid Vape Pen Lung Disease Deaths: What Exactly Is Vitamin E Oil? - Leafly

Multiple industry operators told Leafly that vitamin E oil first appeared in vape pens on the illicit cannabis market in Los Angeles near the end of 2018, in a product called Honey Cut.

The AARP Weighs in on Cannabis - Marijuana Times

"In March, the AARP Board of Directors approved a policy supporting the medical use of marijuana for older adults in states that have legalized it. The decision was based on the growing body of research suggesting marijuana may be helpful in treating certain medical conditions and symptoms. The policy also notes that decisions related to the use of medical marijuana should be made between a patient and a health care provider and appropriately balance clinical evidence of benefit and harm, the patient's preferences and values, and any laws that may apply."

Can Marijuana Help Treat CTE? Former NFL Star Partners With Harvard To Find Out - Green Entrepreneur

Calvin Johnson, known to millions as Megatron, has also launched a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan.

National News

Former Anti-Legalization Clinton Cabinet Official Files Marijuana Reclassification Bill In Congress - Marijuana Moment

Reps. Donna Shalala (D-FL) and Matt Gaetz (R-FL) filed the "Expanding Cannabis Research and Information Act," arguing that the current classification of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act unduly inhibits scientists from exploring the plant's potential risks and benefits.

Crapo plans landmark cannabis banking vote - Politico

"The impact on the ability of small and large businesses to operate justifies our attention," he said.

Feds Warn CBD Companies: Stop Making Health Claims - The Weed Blog

In a Sept. 10, 2019 press release, the FTC said: "It is illegal to advertise that a product can prevent, treat, or cure human disease without competent and reliable scientific evidence to support such claims."

Four takeaways from the latest round of federal CBD warning letters - Hemp Industry Daily

A round of warning letters this week from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) – the consumer-protection agency that safeguards against unfair and deceptive advertising – served as a reminder that as CBD goes mainstream, more federal agencies are giving the industry a critical look.

Trump Administration Plans to Ban Flavored E-Cigarettes - The New York Times

As vaping-related illnesses spread, President Trump and top health officials met at the White House to discuss ways to keep the products away from teenagers.

Trump Is Considering Banning Flavored Vapes. Here's The Cannabis Industry's Response - Green Entrepreneur

"These unfortunate illnesses and deaths are yet another terrible, and largely avoidable, consequence of failed prohibition policies."

State News - Missouri

Possible Mo. medical marijuana growing and selling locations released - KAIT 8

These locations are not finalized, but they are the locations applicants applied to have their facility.

Nearly 70 apply to open medical marijuana businesses in Boone County - Missourian

Depending on how many applications are approved by the state, the 51 businesses hoping to open a dispensary in Columbia will be facing tough competition. The Columbia City Council passed an ordinance in August that limits the number of dispensaries in the city to seven.

Who wants to own a dispensary in Springfield? Missouri health department issues full list - Springfield News-Leader

Most Springfield applicants are seeking a dispensary license, with several seeking cultivation or manufacturing licenses. There is one testing-lab application tied to a Springfield location. As Springfield considered how to regulate medical-marijuana zoning earlier this year, city economic development staff said testing labs could provide some of the best-paying jobs in the new medical cannabis industry.

This Missouri Mom Fought Hard For Medical Marijuana. Now She's Fighting To Pay Its High Price. - KCUR

"I don't think we would have had the handful of words that he has said or the interaction or the purposeful things that he has done without cannabis."

State News - Oklahoma

Oklahoma lawmakers address State Chamber about marijuana banking, other issues - The Oklahoman

"To me, it's an economic issue with health and safety because if we've got people who are having to carry around large sums of cash, that poses a threat. And (banking) also means that we can track that money and make sure that the taxpayer dollars are going where they should be going." - Freshman Rep. Kendra Horn, D-Oklahoma City.

Our view: Medical marijuana workplace use in need of answers - McAlester News-Capital

While it became legal to use marijuana in Oklahoma if you have a medical marijuana license and prescription — the legality of use in the workplace remains in doubt.

Oklahoma's Medical Cannabis Industry Affected By New State Laws, Lack Of Federal Guidelines - KGOU

On the latest Business Intelligence Report, Journal Record editor Russell Ray discusses the state's new regulations, as well as how proposed legislation could protect banks.

State News - Arkansas

Medical marijuana in Arkansas generates more than $9 million in four months - KATV

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board says more than 12,000 lbs. of medical marijuana have been sold so far, totaling more than $9 million in profit.

First Fayetteville medical marijuana dispensary approved to open - THV11

The owner of Acanza said they will be opening Saturday, September 14, at 10 a.m. Acanza is the third medical marijuana dispensary to open in Northwest Arkansas, while two other dispensaries opened in Bentonville earlier this month.

Under the Influence of Medical Cannabis - KUAF

Arkansas patients legally certified to purchase and use medical cannabis lack empirical medical guidance on dosing and impairment, placing them at certain risk, experts say.

Bonus Section

4 Ways That CBD Can Help Pets As Well As People - MJ Headline News

Although CBD was first identified in the 1940s, it's only recently that research has started to show the benefits it can have for people. Now, it seems that people are not the only ones who can benefit from its use.

What Is CBGA (Cannabigerolic Acid) & What Does This Cannabinoid Do? - Leafly

CBGA is a foundational compound of the cannabis flower. In fact, you might think of CBGA as the "granddaddy" of cannabinoids.

An In-Depth Look at Cannabis Rosin - Maximum Yield

There are many attractive qualities of rosin, but a few stand out as consistent reasons people choose it. First and foremost, the complete lack of solvents used in the extraction process leads to a completely solventless extract.

Jamaica readies rules for commercial medical cannabis exports - Marijuana Business Daily

"While there is a business in bringing people to Jamaica to experience the finest cannabis and products," said Triston Thompson, chief opportunity explorer for Tacaya Group, "the biggest business opportunities involve making it convenient for the world to have access to the products Jamaica have to offer."

Thanks for reading the Heartland Cannabis Business Update. See you next week!

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